Teacher Requirements

Teacher Requirements

Hold a valid K-12 US teaching certificate.

mindlaunch-bullet Have a minimum of 3 years classroom teaching experience.
mindlaunch-bullet Pass comprehensive background, reference, and credentials checks. These include: Basic, Criminal, Educational, Full Credential and Sex Offender.
Have a clean, professional home workstation.
mindlaunch-bullet Be able to work in an environment free of distraction and loud noises.
mindlaunch-bullet Have headsets with built-in mic.
online tutoring mindlaunch Own a compatible Webcam (ideally at least 1.3 Megapixels).
online tutoring mindlaunch Have high speed internet access.
online tutoring mindlaunch Graphic tablet suggested for math and science students.
online tutoring mindlaunch Have a computer that meets the following minimum specifications:
PC: Windows 2000 (or newer), 1ghz+ AMD or Intel cpu, at least 512MB ram.
MAC: OS X or newer, Intel cpu, at least 512MB ram.
Updated browser and internet software (we can provide a list of what you need to install).
Note: Most computers produced over the past five years meet the system requirements.

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