“This is by far the best online business advising service available on the market. I am extremely satisfied with the help and encouragement I got from my coach. I’m so glad to have this opportunity to study and learn with MindLaunch.”

By far the best online business advising service!
Phil S.

“This is really a great solution for an older student like me returning to school after many years. It’s the only way for me to do school right now and I appreciate the opportunity that MindLaunch gave to me. Without this service I don’t think I would be able to graduate. Thank you one more time!”

Great solution for an older student like me!
Robert L.

“I am returning to school after 10 years of absence and was a little apprehensive at first about my English writing class. Fortunately, I am glad that my friend recommended MindLaunch to me! My teacher was extremely beneficial with his suggestions and I felt so comfortable when resubmitting my paper. His suggestions were very clear and precise, and were crucial in achieving my goal towards improving my writing skills.”

Returning to school after 10 years of absence!
Jamie S.

“After a very long break, I’m finally completing my education. It has been a difficult start, but MindLaunch’s teachers made things way easier. From the very first time I was using your service I was very impressed with the prompt and effective response. Now I feel like I’m on the straight path to a successful degree.”

Straight path to a successful degree!
John H.

“I would like to thank you for the excellent assistance at the highest possible level. Your teachers are courteous, knowledgeable and encouraging. Thanks to you I was able to score 102 on TOEFL IBT! I would like to take a moment and thank Florence D. for her patience with assisting me with my speaking problems, I really appreciate it!”

Excellent assistance at the highest possible level!
Robert L.

“Online classes with MindLaunch were extremely helpful. I am so excited to know that if I ever need help it is just a click away. My teacher was able to clear up so many blurry subjects for me, thank you again!”

Online classes with MindLaunch were extremely helpful!
Jenna E.

“This is the best website I have ever visited that has excellent coaches and teachers that help you improve your time management and organizational skills. I’m so glad they started this program!”

Teachers that help you improve!
Renee Y.

“The help I got from MindLaunch teachers is amazing – I have really had more confidence in my work and my business skills have increased significantly.”

Business skills have increased significantly!
Ryan M.

“I love MindLaunch for being individualized to help every student be successful in business!”

Individualized to help every student
Bobbyann S.

“Thanks to MindLaunch I gained self confidence in business related situations. Now I know how to introduce and conduct  myself during interviews and present my skills to get the dream job.”

Skills to get the dream job!
Feng C.

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